What is a “Fine Art” display?
The term “Fine Art” simply refers to the matte style of the final piece. We don’t use regular photo paper, and there’s no glass over the top of a fine art finish. The finish actually mimics that of the old masters style paintings and is really best to view in person vs. on a computer or phone. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in viewing some examples.

Why is your photography so expensive?
At StudioFido, because we’re specializing in beautiful wall art for your home—the session and products can’t be compared to what’s offered by perhaps another photographer or big box store doing a “Pet Portrait Day” etc. Between the amount of time dedicated to the session, the editing of proofs and the final piece of either the Fine Art Portrait or the Fine Art Album—they’re totally different scenarios with a huge difference in quality. Photography is just like everything else you purchase in life, you get what you pay for. We do however offer payment plans, or we’re happy to make referrals if we’re simply out of your budget. Feel free to contact us.

Do you sell digitals?
With every product purchase made, clients receive complimentary web digitals for social media, phone etc. We do not offer or sell digitals for reprinting however.

I have a dog with health issues and it’s best they stay at home. Will you still be able to photograph?
In most instances, yes. We have a portable set-up that we can bring. However, we require either a source of great natural light, or adequate space where we can set up lights.

I just want an 8×10. Can you do that? 
For clients that purchase a Fine Art Portrait or Album, 5x7s + 8x10s are available for purchase afterward in a 7-day online gallery. If you are truly looking for “just” an 8×10, we’re upfront that an 8×10 is going to cost the same as a 16×20 (our smallest portrait size). Pricing is not so much about the final size of the image, it’s more about the time and talent that goes into creating those beautiful images in the first place. Besides, most people over estimate size and think an 8×10 is big, they’re not.

I want to add myself and/or family members to the session…can I add people?
At this time we are not offering family portraits, our concentration is pet photography only. There are several photographers that do offer pets and family sessions, you can contact us if you need some referrals. If you are interested in a (single) individual portrait and want to add your pet, you can do this through Trish Hadley Portrait.

What if I don’t like any of the images from the session?
If for any reason you aren’t in love with the proofs, you are under no obligation to make a product purchase whatsoever.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. We currently have 2 options of payment plans available.

Do you photograph other animals besides dogs? 
While dogs are the main focus, we will occasionally photograph a cat as long as they aren’t super camera or people shy. We also photograph horses.