There’s a reason to our photography other than just creating beautiful images of your dog. More importantly (in most cases) our life span is much longer and at some point—we have to say goodbye to them. Having a large art piece in your home is not only a great way to honor their memory but it brings comfort to YOU walk by as you walk by and see their face. 🙂

A great example of this is our photo shoot with Marvin (a blue pit bull) and his human/running partner Joe over the winter of 2016. Unfortunately, Marvin became seriously ill not long after the shoot and Joe had to have him put down.

From Joe:
“Marvin was all pit bull and was about 3.5 years of age. We got him at about 16 weeks, he was a pound puppy. He was picked up as a stray when he was only 12 weeks old and spent a month at HATS (Humane Animal Treatment Society, Mount Pleasant, Michigan). The HATS people named him and it fit. Everyone loved him as soon as they met him. He had right side heart failure. The theory is if they have the genetic markers for heart problems it can be supercharged to start early if they are really active. He was my running partner and was always active. He would destroy a black Kong in a few hours if we let him. He ripped out the wiring harness and fuel line to my Kubota tractor trying to kill a mouse once and the spark plug wires and fuel line to my riding mower for the same thing. He was a giant goof ball who was always 100% on or off. He HATED deer with an unnatural passion. He would scream and whine like he was hurt whenever he would see one, even driving by on the road. I was dead set on never having another male dog because they pee on the plants. That didnt last very long.”

Images from Joe’s cell phone:
blue pit bull_0401 Joe’s finished StudioFido® display: 16×20 Fine Art Print w/Grey Barnwood Frame
blue pit bull_0403 Thank you Joe for shooting with us and the opportunity to meet Marvin. He was a handsome boy!