StudioFido® began 2011 as an added genre to Patrick Hadley Photography, (which started in 2010 and is primarily wedding and engagement photography). We’ve had dogs as part of our little family since 2004. Since we always got them through shelters/rescues, we were aware that not all the photos taken by volunteers were a great representation of the dog. It’s not the fault of the volunteers, many of them are overworked, and of course, not paid. We wanted to donate some time to trying to help and get them better photos.
It turns out that doing the dog photos were not that easy to do, ESPECIALLY at a shelter. It’s a loud and scary place for the dogs and they never get much time out of their cages. We learned that we had to spend time with them, play with them, give them treats etc., and THEN do the photos.

shelter photos michigan

After that, we started getting requests to photograph people’s pets and found out that not a lot of photographers in Michigan were offering pet photography that was concentrated solely on the animal. Or, if they were, it was only a studio setting with a fake background. We decided then and there we didn’t want to offer that look or style. The majority of our shoots are done on location—at a park, woods, beach etc., or sometimes at the client’s home if the setting is adequate. And yes, we shoot even in the winter.

Why the Relaunch?
We learned over the years that our particular style of photography doesn’t lend itself very well to what society deems the standard size of a print—the 8×10 and the 5×7. While that size is great for certain situations, it didn’t fit the level of work we put into a session or the quality of the image. We decided we needed to change things up to a bigger format, hence the large wall displays that we now offer (16×20 + up). We will still continue to offer smaller prints as and albums as an optional add-on to a wall display. We look at it from the viewpoint that since we’re creating artwork for client’s homes, and the main product needs to be something substantial.

photo comparison size

The other big change—while we’ll still offer digitals for clients who’d like to display images on social media, we will no longer sell high-res digitals for reprinting. After seeing the results of some clients take the digitals to big box stores like Meijer and Walgreens to have prints made, we were severely disappointed in the outcome. More often than not, the color was wrong, faded or just on really low grade paper. We decided to take back control of how photos were printed so we could maintain a higher quality for these special images.

What won’t change: the belly rubs,  treats and paying attention to what your dog needs to be comfortable during their session! We look forward to shooting with you.
~Trish + Patrick